There are many ways to join us in our quest to make motherhood easier. Here are a few…


Our network is full of sponsorship opportunities! Businesses are able to position their business at the forefront of our communication, sending the message to our audience of moms that they are so important that you’re willing to invest in becoming a part of their world.

Here are some of the available sponsorships:

  • Product or service giveaways
  • Podcast episodes or series
  • Video episodes or series
  • Regional Mom’s Retreat events
  • Local Mom’s Nite Out events
  • In kind products or services
  • itself!


We are always looking for moms who have a passion for helping others and a knack for effective communication! Our partner publishers are able to start their own ALM website and/or magazine where they will have primary editorial control, incredible local and national influence, and a generous advertising revenue split!