Like many of you supermoms, I spend my mornings and early evenings as the sole operator of Mom’s Taxi, Unlimited, so I’m running the streets, dropping my kids off like a paperboy drops papers. One to daycare, one to preschool, one to elementary school, one to middle school, and one to high school.

As I made my rounds the other day, I suddenly felt a pain on my shoulder and realized that I had been hit. As I tried to figure out what had happened, I felt the pain again and looked around for evidence.

And there it was… A bright pink floral print sandal.

I had been attacked by a little person.

I could see my two-year-old’s face in the rear view mirror, happy and amused at my pain, but after a minute, she realized that her feet were bare and she had no more sandals to throw.

Who’s laughin’ now, baby?

Little did I know, she would have the last laugh. She began screaming in her super-loud, high-pitched, tea-kettle-like cry and reaching out for her shoes.

And like a tea kettle, I could feel myself about to boil over.

Suddenly, everything and everyone began to irritate me. The elderly lady in front of me driving under the speed limit… The dump truck that took forever to turn the corner… The crossing guard that stood in the road waiting for a slow kid that wasn’t even at the corner yet… Everything seemed to be going in slow motion and all I wanted was to get to daycare so I could give this kid her shoes and pass her on to her next victim.

Am I a bad mom?

When I just had four kids, I would always get compliments on how patient and kind I was toward my children. If they misbehaved, I would deal with it, but would do so calmly and with complete control. After this fifth one though… Lord, help me.

I often find myself getting frustrated with normal kid behavior and it usually happens when there’s some grown-up pressure on me as well. In this case, I was trying to get everyone to school on time and get myself back home to get working because – let’s face it – the bills gotta get paid.

This particular morning, it was a little rushed because one of my kids attempted to walk out the door in a wrinkled, dirty school uniform, so we had to wait for a costume change. By the time we were on the road, I was simmering and the shoe missiles sent me over the edge. Then, every slight irritant afterward aggravated the situation even more.

When I got home, I turned to my bestie, Google, and searched for help. (Don’t get me wrong – I never lose control of myself, but I always feel bad if I send my kids to school without a smile on my face.)

I found an article on that seemed to help. It assured me that it’s normal to be frustrated with your kids and that it’s perfectly fine to ask for help and take a break when you need one.

So, I’ll be taking two-a-days.

Every morning, I’ll be waking up a little early so I can extend my prayer time and include some yoga moves to start my day off in a happy and calm mood.

Then, in the evenings, during the kids’ free time, I’ll be doing a yoga and pilates blend to get some exercise in and de-stress after a long day. If I’m able to get to the gym, I’ll do the Les Mills Body Flow class, which I absolutely love. If I need to stay home, I’ll do my favorite workout video, Crunch – Super SlimDown: Pilates Yoga Blend which is, ironically, a killer workout and a totally relaxing experience at the same time.

Hopefully, with these mini me-times scheduled in, I’ll be able to remain composed in front of my kids and won’t be tempted to say bad words to little old ladies doing the speed limit.

How do you stay calm when your kids tick you off? Please share your methods in the comments!