Our publications offer an exciting way for you to sell to moms and build trust-based relationships that will keep them loyal to your business for years to come. Our unique advertising opportunities allow you to implement a cutting-edge marketing program backed by a full-service marketing department. Your advertising program within our print and online publications put you right in the middle of content moms are excited to read.

Our network of mom blogs are run by community managers who are a part of their local community of moms. Advertising on our websites and in our magazines gives you the opportunity to speak directly to the very influential community of mothers that read and contribute to our online and print publications.

If you are interested in advertising, please contact us at advertising (at) alocalmom .com contact us at advertising(at)alocalmom.com.

Why Advertise with A Local Mom?

  • Moms are the #1 household decision makers and we can help you reach them.
  • Moms control $2.1 trillion in annual spending.  Don’t you want a piece of that?
  • Moms control 85% of household income.  We help them distribute it.
  • Women consider our publications a trusted resource and respond to the personal recommendations we make.
  • The women we target are right within your own community and can respond quickly to your appeals.
  • Visitors on our websites can immediate click through to yours to make a purchase.
  • You will become eligible to participate in our live, local events to interact directly with the women you want to sell to.
  • When you pay in full, you receive a free editorial review of your favorite product or service published on our website.

Our advertising and sponsorship programs include:

  • banner ad links
  • live event sponsorship
  • discount card offers
  • custom campaigns
  • targeted banner ad campaigns through our ad network
  • branded groups
  • online and print directory listings
  • sponsored content
  • whole site and magazine sponsorship
  • email sponsorship
  • product sampling
  • social media promotion and sponsorship
  • branded sweepstakes and giveaways
  • local consumer research and surveys
  • strategic internet and print marketing
  • and much more

If you are interested in advertising, please browse our rates and availability.

We reserve the right to refuse any advertising that we do not think is a good fit with our publications. We retain editorial purview over all content and we do not accept proposals for advertorial content within the main content feed. We reserve the right to remove an ad at any point if we decide it is inappropriate for any reason. The remaining balance will be refunded to the company in the case of an ad that is removed. As per Google requirements, arel="nofollow" tag will be applied to all paid links.