Trick or Treating

Should I Take My Kids Trick-or-Treating?

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I remember back in the day when my dad would take my cousins and I trick-or-treating in the rich neighborhoods, armed with empty pillowcases and disguised in homemade Halloween costumes. He would tell us to run as fast as we could so we could cover as much ground as possible during the two-hour window when we were allowed to bang on strangers’ doors …


Vitamin Supplement Research and Quality: Shaklee Review

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Geek alert! I’ve been doing scientific research again and wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t share what I’ve found. Your health and your children’s health may depend on it. Do you or your family members use vitamins?  Yes? According to “Consumer Reports,” over half of Americans use vitamins to manage weight, maintain health or avoid using prescription drugs. What’s scary …


My Toddler Gives Me Road Rage

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Like many of you supermoms, I spend my mornings and early evenings as the sole operator of Mom’s Taxi, Unlimited, so I’m running the streets, dropping my kids off like a paperboy drops papers. One to daycare, one to preschool, one to elementary school, one to middle school, and one to high school. As I made my rounds the other day, …